ACS Pink Ribbon Classic

Sandie Assad

In Memory of


June 18, 2018 was a shocking and sad day for everyone at The Pink Ribbon Classic. One of our Executive Board Members and Pink Party Planner Extraordinaire, Sandie Assad unexpectedly passed away from stage 4 colon cancer. Just two weeks prior she attended our board meeting and organizing silent auction items. Sandie always had a plan and not just any plan—it was a GREAT plan. One of her last texts was to reassure the Executive Committee that she and her committee had the Pink Party & Auction under control. Although the exact diagnosis of what was causing her lack of energy had not been determined, she was confident that nothing would prevent her from completing another successful Pink Party.

Sandie led a very full life! She was a proud mother of two sons and three grandchildren. She established herself as one of Atlanta's top real estate agents. She was a valued member of The River Club Community serving as head of the Welcoming Committee and e-mail chain. Her finest role was that of wife to her devoted husband Art. Yet Sandie found time to be involved in making her community a healthier place, specifically working tirelessly for the Pink Ribbon Classic. 

Sandie’s support of The Pink Ribbon Classic began as a golf tournament participant and expanded to joining the Committee. She became The Pink Party & Auction Chair and increased net proceeds three years in a row. In 2017 she increased net proceeds by 135%! She not only made the Pink Party sparkle but also moved the bidding process into the 20th century by initiating mobile bidding. Who does that?? Sandie Assad. It was Sandie’s idea to increase fundraising by adding a Casino Night held at The River Club for the last three years. In 2018 Sandie was awarded the Pink Ribbon Award of Excellence by the American Cancer Society for her contributions to our community through Pink Ribbon Classic. Well deserved! 

Sandie kept her husband Art involved in the Pink Ribbon Classic also. There was magic in their teamwork. Wherever a helping hand was needed from lugging auction items to arm wrestling money out of sponsors, Art contributed with an open heart and a love for Sandie. 

All of our hearts at The Pink Ribbon Classic are hurting with the loss of such a dynamic, strong powerhouse of a woman with her superb sense of style, her love of finding the best deal and her endless contributions in the community. Sandie always told it like it was in a manner like great leaders do—honestly, factually and believably. 

To her husband, Art, we thank you for sharing your Sandie with us. We know what a treasure she is to you and we want you to know how much we treasure her, too. Our 2018 events won’t be the same without Sandie’s welcome at the door or her call to action on the microphone, but her influence will remain with Pink Ribbon Classic always. Sandie’s determination, honesty, strength and leadership will not be forgotten nor will her beautiful smile, twinkling eyes, and signature red color.